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The Future is here, Retail In Operation   “Possibilities & Beyond”

Operational Excellence to Strengthen  your business

Prompt Service

We do respond quickly, promptly, rapidly, immediately, instantly.

World Wide

Cutting Edge Automation and Services we deliver World wide

Quality & Reliability

We strive to delivery best quality which enhance the Reliability

Affordable Price

Providing a product at the lowest price point in your market sounds like a sure way to attract customers and gain an edge on your competition


Today’s FIs and retailers need a services partner with the capability and expertise to enrich the customer experience.


Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, RIO – Retail in Operation International helps you maximize your business potential by providing innovative designs, seamless system integration, top of the range features and highly developed superior technologies.

We have been successfully working closely with our customers to understand their unique needs, streamline their workflow, supporting the achievement of business objectives through the provision of innovative business solutions leading to increased business productivity. Our range of products are as diverse and customizable as our vast clientele’s requirements.

We couple these highly flexible hardware products with consistent excellence in customer service. Through involvement, initiative and innovation, we become trusted partners and contributors to our customer’s business growth, turning goals like efficiency, productivity, and profitability, into very real and attainable outcomes

Why separates RIO from others
The reason we’re different can be summed up three words:

We constantly strive to distance ourselves from our competitors by embracing every facet of our Customer’s business, offering our expertise and superior technologies for each and every business challenge and objectives. We’re different because we embrace every aspect of our customers business, applying our expertise and initiative to each unique business challenge and objective. The result is an innovative solution specific to the customer’s needs.


At RIO we have dedicated ourselves to empowering the people to take their businesses to their full potential. We believe our team are capable of facilitating extraordinary results and we believe that the sky’s the limit.

Our company vision is to be “inspired, innovative and client focused “. We believe our vision reflects the values we hold as a testimony to achievements resulting out of exceptional performance. We always try to embody or values of integrity, dedication and hard work.

Our team is more than willing to invest their time to understanding your specifications so as to be able to demonstrate how we can tailor-make our products to your requirements. RIO offers a comprehensive package which will prove to be a beneficial investment for your business.

Tomorrow’s Technology, Today.

  • Ensuring Ability.

  • Enhancing Efficency.

  • Enriching Experience.

  • Innovative Service.


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Retail In Operation

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